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  • Lawand International Traders created in Sydney.
    Pioneered brand Australia in the Middle East
    in terms of branded, processed and packaged
    foods & beverages.
  • Permanent Regional Sales & Support Office (Middle East)
    established in Dubai.
  • Changed company name to Lawand Trade
    as part of growing group of companies under the Lawand banner.
  • Own back office created in Bangalore, India. Housing all overhead divisions.
  • Commenced running SAP.
  • Extensive research into East Asian markets
    led to gradual entry into these.
  • Permanent Regional Sales & Support Office (East Asia)
    established in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Relocated own Australian warehouse/office to Melbourne for strategic reasons.
  • Extensive research into South Asian markets
    led to gradual entry into these.
  • Incorporated Lawand Trade New Zealand
    and commenced exporting New Zealand made products
    from our Auckland warehouse.
  • Set up our second Melbourne warehouse
    this one being totally temperature-controlled.
  • Completing 8 consecutive record years
    in terms of sales, number of shipments,
    number of serviced countries, number of partner clients,
    number of partner manufacturers,
    number of team members and number of offices.